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As Aries is the first zodiac sign and Pisces are the last, so people who have their birth dates ranging from 17 to 23 March are born on the cusp of rebirth.

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Pisces season is all about improving your reputation as the sun transits your house of fame. With Mercury in retrograde in Pisces for most of the month, you may hear back about jobs after thinking you'd [been ghosted. The planet of surprises, Uranus, has been creating fissures in your community since On March 6 , Uranus changes signs, entering your house of mental health. Over the next seven years, feel free to shed the thought patterns that have bogged you down. Although it will be hard to remain objective amid the haze of retrograde confusion, this is a great time to try new creative approaches to your work.

The Taurus-Gemini Cusp

An inspiring new moon in Pisces on March 6 presents a new opportunity for you to pursue your dream job. Your role at work will change in a way that helps your relationships grow in the right direction. As Mercury squares off with expansive Jupiter on March 16 , you'll take a step toward this dream job. On March 20 the sun leaves Pisces and Aries season begins.

Gemini Daily Horoscope

With the sun in Aries, you are suddenly the life of the party and stand out in the crowd. Just after the start of this new season, there is a full moon in Libra on March 21 , which highlights the nuances of your friendships. Are you hanging out with people who you can have fun with, or are you just in it for the status? Have fun! The first week of the month will probably find you running around like a loquacious little tornado.

Being an oddball can be a real asset to you this month. You may feel like changing your appearance, but then again, you may not want to tamper with perfection. Try to take some time for yourself this month. Happy Easter! This is a very merry month for most people, but some of you may have the urge to tell an authority figure just exactly where he can stick his maypole. You may need this person later on and a power struggle may mean setbacks for you in the future.

Other than that, you can look forward to a pretty good month. Give yourself a pat on the back for riding the planet around the sun for another complete orbit without sliding off. This is the beginning of a new cycle, and if you stay quiet long enough both in mind and body , a window in time could open up and you may be able to get some insights into the future—or not! Happy Birthday! If you were a Capricorn or a Virgo, you might struggle between your sense of responsibility and your need for freedom.

That sounds like way too much work! Some of you may still feel as if you have to give up some fun things in exchange for success at work.

Things kind of suck for you! You could piss off the wrong person unless you can keep you mouth shut—and what are the odds? Just kidding. You start the month out with a bang! People born on the cusp or Taurus will have an especially easy time ahead after about mid month. There may be a couple of days somewhere during the month when you could get into a pissy mood, but people have come to expect that. So, put on your best outfit, something with a black leather mask and a whip, and freak out this Halloween! Around mid month, some of you may be strongly attracted to an older person or someone in authority-sounds pretty kinky to me!

**WOW! -GEMINI- FINALLY! ** MARCH 25-31, 2018

If your Aries girlfriend shoves a turkey leg in you mouth at the holiday dinner table, you either said something wrong, or you made an offhand remark and she thought you were talking about her. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! The beginning of the month is pretty sucky for most of you.

Trouble with partnerships, nasty scenes with someone older or an authority figure and an ugly incident with an important person in your life are a just few of the things you can look forward to. Some of you may also get the feeling that nobody likes you.


The Taurus-Gemini Cusp

Gee, ya think? A pissy attitude will just come back to haunt you. Happy Holidays! Airy Geminis are very versatile, restless and busy people. The natural communicator of the Zodiac, they love to talk, learn and pass on information throughout life. They like to be involved with multiple projects, thoughts or ideas all at the same time, leaving many with ill-disciplined minds and a lack of continuity or interest. They are often clever when it comes to new ideas, and dextrous with their hands, which they often use as an aid to explanation and in their career or job.

Gemini 12222 Horoscope

A need at some time of life to discipline the mind and attain qualifications. You dislike routine, and prefer to be on the go, out and about curious about new ideas. You may not age as fast as other people, because of your interest in learning.