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As Aries is the first zodiac sign and Pisces are the last, so people who have their birth dates ranging from 17 to 23 March are born on the cusp of rebirth.

While you can be quite introverted and shy, once you warm up to somebody, you can be quite loyal. Not surprisingly, you tend to attract people that are ready, willing and eager to defend you. This is the greatest paradox about you.

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The weaker you look, the stronger you become because you tend to attract people that are drawn to your accepting, nurturing and caring nature. While this can definitely work in your favor, sometimes you take things to extremes and you become overly sensitive. When you let this side of your personality take over, you come off as manipulative because it seems like you want to test your friends based on how willing they are to step up for you.

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In many cases, people get tired of the games and start abandoning you. Lovers born on the 12 th of March are quite accepting, nurturing and caring. You have developed quite a bit of a reputation as a person who is not very confrontational. This means that your lovers tend to get away with murder. Now, keep in mind that there are many definitions of that. One definition, of course, is the common one which involves people heaping all sorts of abuse at you, and you taking it like a trouper.

While that can definitely be the case in your situation, your emotional doormat status tends to revolve around a different definition.

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You are rarely jealous and possessive to the point that your lovers often feel that they can cheat on you and not have to worry about consequences. Those with a birthday on the 12 th of March are best suited for coordinator positions.

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The interesting thing about coordinator positions is that these people are not necessarily leadership material. You just know how to coordinate between different groups of people.

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On the one hand, you are a very nice, kind and gentle person. On the other hand, you can be quite manipulative because you use your vulnerability as a sword as much as a shield. This is the good side of your personality. Once you get into that dangerous territory, then all bets are off. What would otherwise have been your positive traits can easily turn into negative ones.

One of the things Pisces people born on March 12 really need to work on is their tendency to become manipulative. Do yourself a favor and freeze some of those emotions.


While Neptune does have an idealistic, nurturing and caring side, it can also be very unreasonable and overbearing. This is, of course, your manipulative side talking. Zodiac is the term used to describe the circle of 12 divisions of celestial longitude that are centred upon the path of the sun. However in , it was revealed that the stars have shifted so our zodiac signs have changed too. Astrologers around the world celebrate their love of the stars on March 20 which is considered the start of the astrological year.

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