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As Aries is the first zodiac sign and Pisces are the last, so people who have their birth dates ranging from 17 to 23 March are born on the cusp of rebirth.

Dog in Love

He is not always the best in a crowd of people but he is friendly and unpretentious and will listen to you. At times he can be judgemental, defensive, and paniky in the face of fear but he will always have a clear sense of duty and will do anything to help a friend.

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In relationships, he will haplessly fall in love with an unequal partner but will stick with her no matter what. Even though he is very giving in his relationships, he will have romantic problems being that he is a constant worrier. Use a Stone Tree and a Buddha Statue to protect your career.

Year of the Dog

Regarding your health, purifying herbs will be of great help for you. Wear jasper, amethyst and jade for a proper energy flow. To attract luck, place a dog statue in the south-east corner of your bedroom or living room. In , It is advised that you carry the a dog amulet with you at all times. One might enjoy the influence and support from some consortiums when in command. Hence one ought to exercise some level of contentment before being overcome by greed and power.

Dog Man – Personality and Characteristics

Compatibility: Rabbit , Rat , Ox. If you live as a couple, happiness will be there: A kind of simple but authentic happiness to be lived every day. Still, you need to keep your eyes open. If your heart gets carried away, be careful not to embark thoughtlessly on a love story that could end up deceiving you.


He or she should receive your message clearly, and so your love life will have great chances to be at a top level. Single folks, you could very well succumb to love at first sight this time. Enjoy the love and support of your love mate. Dogs believe in unconditional love and spreading joy through the simpler things in life. There is always a battle to fight, a cause to uphold. They are fiercely protective of those they love and have been known to bite when loved ones are under attack! They do not, however, look for fights, but instead observe their surroundings, acting only when necessary.

They believe in protecting the general well-being of the public and society, and this is why many Dogs end up in law enforcement. Dogs can be prone to over-thinking, worrying and paranoia. This can lead to imagining worst-case scenarios or sleepless nights, wondering whether change will ever come at all. They can also be prone to anger, barking furiously at people when they see wrong-doing taking place.

If they become angry with loved ones, the anger usually rises quickly and drops just as suddenly. Weasley in Harry Potter is a typical Mother Dog who rants and raves at her children whenever they get out of hand.

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  • Chinese Zodiac Dogs see things in black and white, tending not to take notice of the grey areas. You are either good or bad, a friend or an enemy to the Dog of the Chinese Zodiac.

    Year of the Dog - Chinese Zodiac | Astrology Answers

    Once passed the rigorous screening process, however, Dogs are friends for life. The Dog of the Chinese Zodiac is very matter-of-fact and can be very obstinate if they feel someone is trying to change their mind about something they have already decided upon. Typically, pressing the Dog to change course will result only in even greater stubbornness.

    Just like the Dog in the Chinese Zodiac legend, the Dog person will always put others before themselves if it means doing the right thing. A true friend, a loyal ally, and a trustworthy defender of the people, the Dog is a noble individual who epitomizes the term Man's Best Friend! Dog people are usually very attractive and tend to ooze sex appeal. The male Dog may have a rugged sort of look about him; many like to work out to keep themselves strong and robust. Chinese Zodiac Dogs of any and all genders tend to have many admirers. A Dog male is the most likely of all the signs to stick with someone even if the relationship is challenging.

    The Dog believes that once he is committed, he is duty-bound to see things through till the end. Dog males make loyal and faithful partners; if they do stray, you can be sure that it is because they feel truly miserable and trapped. Dog females are likewise loyal and loving companions. They prefer a partner who can help them right the wrongs of society — and of themselves! If a Dog female feels that she needs to work on herself in some way, then she expects her partner to stick by her through thick and thin.

    After all, she would do exactly the same for them if the shoe was on the other foot!

    Overall, Chinese Zodiac Dogs are faithful and loving when it comes to love. They can be prone to excessive worrying in relationships and may have very high standards for their mate, but providing the object of their affections strives towards these ideals, then it will be a very happy relationship indeed. As such, the Dog will be most compatible with the other animals in this trine, which are the Tiger and Horse. These signs bring out the best in each other due to mutual understanding. This type of Dog can be unwavering in his convictions and highly critical of every infraction of the law according to his own interpretation.

    However, his principles are of the highest kind and fundamentally he is noble and charitable. He will give himself to a lifetime of selfless dedication if he finds an object of cause or worthy of his devotion. Yet he can be ruthless when aroused and will pursue his enemies until they are annihilated. The metal element combined with his lunar sign, which is also governed by Metal, produces a double Metal sign, which is extremely formidable. Tibetans call this combination the "Iron Dog" and look upon its year with much apprehension as it could be either very good or very bad, depending on whether it takes on negative or positive course.

    Likewise, the stern and principled Metal Dog will exhibit the same traits and will exercise strong mental discipline over himself and take things very seriously--especially when they concern the affairs of his heart or his country. His loyalty is unquestionable and he has strong political views. Never indecisive, he will pick a side and never desert his affiliations. Consequently, even though he hates injustice and foul play, this type of Dog can resort to extreme measures when he insists that others subscribe to his views. Water Dog - , , An intuitive type of Dog, who will be difficult to lead astray.

    He could be very attractive and a striking beauty if a female. Water gives him more reflective qualities and he will be sympathetic to the views of the opposite side. However, despite his pleasant personality and democratic stance, he does not establish very strong personal bonds to those close to him and is often too liberal where he should be more firm. More easygoing than other Dogs, he will tend to be lenient with himself as well as with others, often indulging in self-gratification and adventurous sprees.

    But because his strong temperament will be toned down by the Water element, this Dog is able to contain his emotions to an admirable degree and will present a calm and charming exterior. A good counselor, fair judge and legal-minded operator, the Water Dog will be fluid in expressing himself, using psychological approaches that are hard to refuse or refute. He is fated also to have a large circle of friends and his company will be much sough after.

    Wood Dog - , , , An enchanting, warm-hearted and even-tempered sort of Dog, who in spite of his candor and wariness of strangers will form close and lasting relationships with those he chooses to befriend and love. Honest, considerate and well-liked, this Dog person seeks intellectual stimulation and will work hard to develop himself. Wood gives him a more stable and generous nature and he will seek growth, balance and beauty in his environment. He will also be attracted to money and success but will preserve himself from too much materialism. With an aptitude for dealing with vast numbers of people from all walks of life, he or she will act with maturity and common sense.

    The Wood Dog will be popular and will gravitate toward refinement and social graces despite his hidden assertive qualities. Energetic and cooperative, he will like to deal in partnerships or ally himself with powerful affiliations. Hie is basically group-oriented and will be eager to please as many of his associates as possible.

    Thus, this type of Dog can sometimes be held back because he refuses to move without the sanction and backing of others. He must learn independent even if it means rocking the boat on occasion. Fire Dog - , , , A highly dramatic and attractive type of Dog who will be thrown into the limelight by his alluring yet friendly personality. He will be defiant and rebellious when forced to do something against his will, but he will be very popular with the opposite sex. Although he may be the life of the party type, he is still careful to practice what he preaches and will not be spoiled by success and fortune.

    Fire makes him very fierce when attacked; nor will he make threats he cannot carry out. His bite is just as strong as his bark. The buoyant and self-assured Fire Dog has greater magnetic charm and can convince others to follow his lead. His independent spirit and courage will see to it that he is never afraid of getting involved with others. He will constantly thrill to new experiences and adventures. But he needs a strong shining example to pattern himself after. He will relate better to people older than himself, those from whom he can learn a great deal or whom he can depend on to bring stability into his life.

    Fire makes him or her more creative and pure in expression. He will be charged with super willpower and a natural honesty that people find hard to resist.

    His outgoing character combined with the Dog's basic faith and idealism will help him to succeed in ambitious endeavors and to overcome great barriers. Earth Dog - , , , This Dog will be an impartial dispenser of sound advice and justice. An efficient and constructive thinker, he moves slowly and with good purpose.