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As Aries is the first zodiac sign and Pisces are the last, so people who have their birth dates ranging from 17 to 23 March are born on the cusp of rebirth.

This time, you must, first and foremost, focus on your personal wellbeing rather than those of others. At work, it will be best to go with the flow. Become a good member of the team and avoid arguments with your superiors and colleagues. Collectively you will enjoy career advancement and company progress.

If you are intending to shift careers or move to another company, the work will be challenging at the beginning but with hard work, your efforts will be recognized towards the end of the year. Sheep in business who have toiled hard in with a new venture or project will see their efforts bear fruit this year. Those involved in creative work will be especially lucky this year. Your money luck is good with sporadic windfall throughout the year.

This year you will be swamped with invitations to attend social functions, family affairs and work-related events. Enjoy these events and be open to meeting new people. Romantic encounters in these events are propitious. As to your health, be cautious of accidents on the road or while engaged in adventure sports. A healthy dietary regimen will also ward off potential ailments of the stomach, kidneys and kidney. The Monkey has the closest affinity to man and therefore inherits most of his intelligence.

He is quick-witted, clever and innovative, and can solve intricate problems with ease. The Monkey is innately warm, natural and spontaneous.

He exudes self-confidence and has an enviable joie de vivre. The Monkey will encounter a challenging but generally good year. The nature of the Dog will bring you back to earth and motivate you to pursue your plans with more vigor. This will prepare you for an important change that will occur at home or at work.

Just focus on your career goals and be tolerant of persons who might consciously or inadvertently derail you. Learning new skills could also prove valuable in the near future. Monkeys intending to change jobs this year must carefully study the new position and company you are joining before making a firm commitment.

Businessmen should be wary of investments that offer quick returns and be conservative in business dealings or expansion. Your financial situation will improve moderately in the course of the year.

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You may at times be hesitant to organize or join gatherings of family, friends or colleagues. Think otherwise for they will give you much needed respite and satisfaction, and on the other hand, those close to you will appreciate you more than ever. Single Monkeys will meet a special someone who will fire up your passion. Those with partners will have to settle a long-forgotten misunderstanding that may unexpectedly arise.

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It will be good to pay special attention to your loved one with simple gestures of love. To boost your health, the sun and fresh air are crucial to your wellbeing this year. The Rooster is the most misunderstood of all the animal signs. Outwardly, he exhibits self-assurance and aggression; but at heart, he could be conservative and old-fashioned. Rooster men are usually attractive, even dashingly handsome.

On the whole, the Rooster is sharp, neat, precise, organized, decisive, and is good at handling money. He loves to budget everything he could lay his hands on. The Year of the Earth Dog will be moderately fruitful for the Rooster. The key to your success this year is diplomacy, i.


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It is advisable to analyze the consequences of your words or actions first to avoid any disastrous consequence. Harmonious relations with your family, friends and colleagues will contribute to your wellbeing in With a modicum of humility, persistence and good people relations, your career will enjoy a considerable boost this year.

For those employed, it is not advisable to change jobs this year. Entrepreneurs will find new opportunities through private relations so cultivate them carefully. You career success will bring you a much improved financial situation. On the personal side, Roosters will enjoy many social events and travels this year. New friendships with people from other backgrounds will greatly enhance your social and professional life. As for your love life, new romantic liaisons with some unexpected partners will be forthcoming — either with a foreigner or an older person. Nurture this liaison for it has the potential for a long-lasting relationship.

You might encounter periods of personal stagnation. A dose of creative work like pottery, cooking or interior design will do wonders for you. Your health will be good but some physical activity like dancing or yoga will enhance your wellbeing. The Dog is honest, genuine, loyal, sincere and respects law and order — qualities of an ideal citizen of the country! He is not materialistic and possesses humanitarian instincts.

He is the type who will lay down his life for a friend or relative. However, he can suffer bouts of melancholy or when the situation calls for it, show flashes of temper. But you can rejoice now for the Year of the Earth Dog will bring you good fortune. Various lucky stars will align for your professional and personal success. But these blessings will not come on a silver platter. There will indeed be challenges, but with patience and tenacity, you will overcome them. All your professional disappointments in the recent past will evaporate and give way to a reinvigorated career. If you are employed, your colleagues will listen to you and heed your advice.

Show them your mature and responsible side and you will be given due respect and recognition.

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Those in school will enjoy success as well — passing a major exam, winning a competition or graduating with honors. Your financial situation will improve and there is a potential windfall during the second half of the year.

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Do not go on a profligate spending spree but rather invest your hard-earned money in safe securities or real estate. Your social life will be busy and pleasurable. Your family and friends will support your endeavors and it is therefore apt for you to give back to your loved ones. Dogs in a relationship will experience a calm and stable year. Single Dogs will have a potential love-at-first-sight encounter during the second or third quarters of the year. As to your health, make it a priority to have an executive check-up during the first half of the year.

The Pig is the most easy-going and laid-back of all the signs. Cheerful, friendly and overflowing with good intentions, he does not bear grudges.

He is the connoisseur of the Chinese zodiac and thus enjoys good food and has a healthy appetite. Despite lacking strong ambitions, he is hardworking and is generally successful in life. Pigs will have a relatively good year especially in their professional life. Your finances will also do well in the Year of the Earth Dog. But this good fortune will depend greatly on a keen awareness of situations and people around you, and a cool head during difficult times. What you will experience and learn this year will prepare you for the coming Year of the Pig in At work, your achievements will greatly benefit your company and will earn you recognition and promotion.

There will be some obstacles such as a betrayal or back-stabbing from a colleague but it is best to ignore these because your good deeds will speak for you. If you own a company, good people management will bring you steady income but is not a good time for business partnerships or expansion. Your personal finances will improve but rather than spending it on non-essential things, it is advisable to settle any past debt.

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It will be lucky to start debt-free. Your byword this year should be selflessness — for your family, friends and colleagues. Some of them will need your help so go out of your way to get them through difficulties. Single Pigs should attend events that celebrate life — baptisms, debuts, weddings, anniversaries, etc.